Early in 2011 I was contacted by choreographer Shen Wei to initiate a collaboration. He was seeking new music to incorporate into his forthcoming site specific performance piece and had discovered an Illusion of Safety performance from 10/23/08 on Rare Frequency: Illusion of Safety Rare Frequency

A few trips to New York later to meet and discuss the project and rehearse with the dancers, and after much refinement we performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on June 6 & June 13th. Shen Wei and Austin Scarlett, a designer whose work spans the realms of theatre, high fashion, and television, created the costumes for the performance. The piece "Still Moving" featured 16 dancers, and 7 speakers placed throughout The Charles Engelhard Court in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Shen Wei's concept was a coalescing of performance art and visual art, a marriage of sculpture and sculpture in motion. For this work he was seeking highly abstract sound design to interact with and after providing him with many files of new and past work he narrowed it down and then we worked together to create the soundtrack, which was performed live. The resultant audio work is a distillation of the methods and modes I have been using for the past 20 years.

Shen Wei Dance Arts


ceiling essential sara from Daniel Burke on Vimeo.



caterpillar from Daniel Burke on Vimeo.