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Illusion Of Safety live on WNUR airplay 4/3/10

Illusion of Safety Live on Rare Frequency 10/23/08


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Dan Burke / Illusion of Safety Discography


Illusion of Safety - Historical (lmtd. 500, leather pouch with .22 caliber bullet in center), Staalplaat, 1991
Illusion of Safety - More Violence and Geography LP, Complacency/RRRecords, 1988
Illusion of Safety - Finance And Ideology cassette, Complacency, 1989
Illusion of Safety - IOS live/Holeist Split LP, Complacency, 1989
Illusion of Safety - Historical (re-release in jewel case), Staalplaat, 1992
Illusion of Safety - Cancer (lmtd. 1000), Tesco, 1992
Illusion of Safety - Inside Agitator, Complacency, 1992
Illusion of Safety - Probe (initial release of 500 in wooden case with Italian coin & sealed with toy money), Staalplaat, 1993
Illusion of Safety - Fifteen/Finite Material, Context, 1993
Illusion of Safety - Water Seeks Its Own Level, Silent Records, 1994
Illusion of Safety - Distraction, Odd Size, 1994
Randy Greif & Dan Burke - Fragment 56, Complacency/Swinging Axe, 1994
Illusion of Safety - From Nothing To Less, Complacency, 1995
Dan Burke - Rules Of The Game (3" CD), em13n, 1995
Randy Greif & Dan Burke - Horror Vacuii (Split CD), 1995
Illusion of Safety - Guru Means Slayer Of Darkness, Manifold, 1996
Illusion of Safety - Of and The, Staalplaat, 1998
Illusion of Safety - Bad Karma, Soleilmoon, 1998
Dan Burke & Kevin Drumm - Mort Aux Vaches, Staalplaat, 1999
Illusion of Safety - Hz, Sonoris, 1999
Illusion of Safety - The Nature Of Sand, Manifold, 2000
Illusion of Safety - In Opposition To Our Acceleration, Die Stadt, 2001

Tracks on other CDs:
IOS - "Helen Your Brain, Forever since about Breakfast" on Chicago Loops comp, Sub Up, 1991   
IOS - "Devices To Be Used" on Testament LP, RRRecords, 1987
IOS - "Every Tyrant A City" on The Great New World In Environment and Acceleration, V-2 Organisation 1992
IOS - "The Line Of Least Resistance" on Arrhythmnia 2, Charnel House, 1993
IOS - "Cancer (live)" on A Blind Man's Gallery of Mirrors, Freedom In A Vacuum, 1996
IOS - "The Most Familiar Enemy" on Seedmouth, Cold Spring Records, 1996
"UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Documentary" IOS Soundtrack: Narration by Donald R. Schmitt 1997 CD on Baraka Foundation
IOS - "AciDiscipline" on We Hate You - A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle, Jazzassin Recordings, 1997
IOS - "Weeping"  on We Hate You - A Small Tribute to Throbbing Gristle, Jazzassin Recordings, 1997
IOS - "Enhanced X-S Artifact" Thirteen, klang galerie, 1999   

Illusion of Safety - The False Mirror/7 Years Later 7" (lmtd. 500), a state of flux, 1993
Illusion of Safety - The Banishing Ritual 7", Complacency Music, 1994
Illusion of Safety - Fin De Siecle LP, Korm Plastics, 1996
Illusion of Safety - The Schmetterling E.P. 7" picture disc (lmtd. 111), Syntactic, 1996
Illusion of Safety - Kapotte Muziek by Illusion Of Safety 7", Korm Plastics, 1997

Illusion of Safety cassettes released on Complacency Records:
1986 Its A Dead Dog
1986 Ecstatic Crisis
1987 Live Sound Of IOS Post Effects
1987 My Mind Is Killing Me
1987 Violence And Geography
1988 More Altitude Than Attitude
1988 Repairs
1989 In 70 Countries
1989 Fifteen
1989 Finance And Ideology
1990 Finite Material Context
1990 Forced Cohesion
1991 RVE

cd-r created to be sold primarily at live performances, a signed & numbered limited edition of 200, in special packaging. The tracks are live unreleased performances from year 2000.
Two new studio compositions, and two previously unavailable recordings from 1994. Color grafitti artwork inserts by Burke.